Come and say hi

Come and say hi

Are you working on something new, exciting or weird?

Are you learning about a new piece of tech or just looking for someone to bounce off an idea that has been haunting you for some time?


I'm available throughout the week for a coffee and a chat about ideas big and small. There's no specific format to this—ask me any question and I'll see if I can help, free of charge.

I also have a bi-weekly 2h slot which I use for pair programming and mentoring sessions with friends, old and new.

Should none if this suit you, feel free to call me for a delicious 3 minute rant. It's simple: you rant, I listen.

We spend the remaining 7 minutes staring into the void, contemplating the pointlessness of our endeavors and the strange pleasure of hyperventilation.

A few days later I might text you back with a solution to your problem.

Honestly though, I'm just curious to see who you are and what you've been up to.

Come and say hi

Example topics

(In no specific order)

  • Product Development, from MVP to enterprise (prototyping workflows and scale)
  • Privacy, the impact of AdTech on our society
  • Design Thinking, Human-Centred Design
  • Photography (film, digital, medium and small format)
  • Mental health
  • The Web Platform (browsers, standards, Google being an utter 🐴, the history of the Web)
  • Emerging Technologies (AR, VR, ML/NLP)
  • Pair programming (I'd love to pair with you on your own problem)
  • Agile/XP, TDD, pair programming
  • AdTech, Pharma, Publishing, SaaS
  • Software Engineering (web, mobile, AR, backend, game-dev, infra)
  • Linguistics incl. NLP
  • Game Development (Unity, C#, web) and Game Design (methodologies and tools)
  • How to make an amazing Cacio e Pepe (and why 🇮🇹 + 🇰🇷 = ❤️)
  • How to draw poorly but regularly
  • Being an engineer, lead, CTO or consultant confused human working for Startups, scale-ups and enterprise
  • Remote work, living abroad