Reactive Hole

Reactive Hole

In the past few weeks I've been messing with turning some of my doodles into little apps.

Here's a (fairly) private and (mostly) secure P2P transfer thingy:

You can check it out here, and here (source).

What are the other tools/digital products that are so simple, so low-tech that we'd choose them over the alternatives purely because of their aesthetics or how they make us feel?

I'm not talking about anything more complex than the digital version of a coffee mug or a keychain. Neither serves an important purpose and both are anything but irreplaceable. I don't care whether the thing in front of me is pretty or ugly, playful or boring. What I care about is whether it feels mine.

This might sound like I'm procrastinating (likely) or talking about the experience economy (also, likely). But, what I really have in mind are toys.

Now, if you were to build a toy (not a game and not a tool), what would that be?