No Such Thing as a Fish

No Such Thing as a Fish

This one will be short. A few days ago I was facilitating a retrospective for a team being a mix of old and new people, all of that in an organisation that has scaled up quite a bit in the past few years. It's not a surprise that many of their questions dealt with their process, practices, figuring out how to live work with each other, how to make stuff.

I remembered that I had an old template of the Starfish team activity, which fits the use-case perfectly. Also, is quite fun to run. So I dug it out and pasted into Procreate. Check it out if you're running a practice-focused retrospective:

As always, it should work fine as a background for Mural, Miro, Figma Jam board or whatever is your jam (mine's fig).

Retro template

Now, although I'm a fan of Funretros, I still believe that my Starfish is superior to their examples, as it's wearing a slingsuit.

PS. The making-of video can be found here. It's cursed, remember I warned you.